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Subject: Rebellions & Revolutions

The oppressed rise up against their oppressors, or the irate rebel against their government, with the intention of changing it—permanently. These uprisings are usually rooted in oppression, economic disparity, or social inequality.

15 Février 1839 (February 15, 1839)

  • Director: Pierre Falardeau
  • Release Date: 2001
  • Production Country: Canada

Sentenced to death for rebelling against the oppressive, British-backed government in Montreal, two French Canadians have one last day to look back upon their lives and reflect on what they wanted to achieve by revolting—and what they actually accomplished.


  • Director: Peter H. Hunt
  • Release Date: 1972
  • Production Country: United States

Improvisation and compromise are the games of the day, as John Adams and Benjamin Franklin coerce a reluctant Thomas Jefferson into authoring the Declaration of Independence as a desperate stalling tactic while they scramble to convince enough of their fellow landholders to vote for separation from Great Britain–a tall order, since the one man who insisted the vote must be unanimous is not inclined to agree with their notion that independence is the future for the Colonies.

55 Days at Peking

  • Director: Nicholas Ray
  • Release Date: 1963
  • Production Country: United States

Europeans from different backgrounds and various factions unite to defend themselves from the Siege of the International Legations in Peking (Beijing) during the Boxer Rebellion.

Against the Wind

  • Director: George Miller, Simon Wincer
  • Release Date: 1978
  • Production Country: Australia

A young Irish girl is unjustly sentenced to prison and deported to Australia. She must survive not only the horrific voyage there, but also her years of service before she can be free. While there, the lower classes and other convicts protest and occasionally outright rebel against the power and privilege the moneyed classes hold over them.


  • Director: D.W. Griffith
  • Release Date: 1924
  • Production Country: United States

Patriot Nathan Holden falls for the beautiful Tory Nancy Montague, but before they can work out their political differences, she is taken prisoner by a renegade British officer who plans to massacre the colonists who have taken refuge at a nearby fort with an army of Iroquois warriors–and Nathan is the only one who can warn the fort.

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