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Subject: Crime

Criminals and their Illegal activities (where their motives are not politically or religiously subversive) provide a twist on “economic history.”

Against All Flags

  • Director: George Sherman
  • Release Date: 1952
  • Production Country: United States

British naval officer Brian Hawke infiltrates a band of pirates in the Indian Ocean and proceeds to save the princess, out-duel the pirate captain, and convince the beautiful Spitfire that a pirate's life is not for her.

American Gangster

  • Director: Ridley Scott
  • Release Date: 2007
  • Production Country: United States

Frankie Lewis has a new twist on an old game: importing heroin into the United States from Thailand, his "Blue Magic" brand has made him king of the Manhattan drug scene, with corrupt officials and cops and D.E.A. agents on his payroll–all except Richie Roberts, the lone honest cop in the area who is determined to take Frankie down.

Body and Soul

  • Director: Oscar Micheaux
  • Release Date: 1925
  • Production Country: United States

A corrupt minister consorts with and then blackmails the owner of a gambling house in the 1920s.

Bonnie and Clyde

  • Director: Arthur Penn
  • Release Date: 1967
  • Production Country: United States

Bonnie, a pretty and bored small town girl, pairs up with Clyde, a dashing petty criminal, and the pair embark on a crime spree, quickly graduating from simple robberies to more complex jobs and gaining fame in a bleak depression-era world eager for any heroes to fill the news. Ultimately, though, their nonchalant violence begins to turn the public against them and, when Clyde shoots a bank manager in cold blood, law enforcement pulls out all the stops in the hunt to bring Bonnie and Clyde and their gang to justice.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

  • Director: George Roy Hill
  • Release Date: 1969
  • Production Country: United States

With the Old West fading away and with increasingly professional—and persistent—modern lawmen chasing them, outlaw Butch Cassidy and his sidekick, the Sundance Kid, decide to take their show on the road to Bolivia.

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