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Subject: Frontiers

From wagon trains to star treks, humans have always been explorers, and frontiers are the places we go to meet the unknown, though rarely will it be where no man has gone before.

1492: Conquest of Paradise

  • Director: Ridley Scott
  • Release Date: 1992
  • Production Country: France, Spain

When Columbus finds land while searching for a route to China, he believes this is his opportunity to start a new life with a new city under his rule... but the arrival of his ships has tragic consequences for the natives they encounter and Columbus struggles with the duties of leader. Meanwhile, back in Spain, forces there are conspiring against Columbus to strip him of all he has gained.

A Man Called Horse

  • Director: Elliot Silverstein
  • Release Date: 1970
  • Production Country: United States

After years of enslavement by a band of Lakota, an English aristocrat realizes that his only chance of freedom is to adopt the ways of his captors—but freedom is not the same as escape. If he becomes civilized according to Lakota culture, enough so that he can move freely among them, will that render him unfit for England and her idea of "civilized" life if he should ever have the chance to return?

Alba de América (Dawn of America)

  • Director: Juan de Orduña
  • Release Date: 1951
  • Production Country: Spain

Christopher Columbus convinces the Spanish Royal couple to finance his journey to look for a western route to China, and stumbles upon an entirely "New World."


  • Director: Boris Barnet
  • Release Date: 1961
  • Production Country: Soviet Union

Traveling together, Russians returning from the Kazakh steppes bond over shared hardships, triumphs, and the journey home itself.

America Before Columbus

  • Director: Cristina Trebbi
  • Release Date: 2009
  • Production Country: United States, Germany

The Americas, before the arrival of Columbus, was far from a pristine "New World," but had a vast and diverse history of peoples and empires, farms, and urban centers.

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