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Subject: Civilizations

The major political, ideological, and artistic developments in the long-term history of any given geographic area or cultural group, usually broad in scope and big in history.


  • Director: Owen 'Alik Shahadah
  • Release Date: 2010
  • Production Country: United States, United Kingdom

Motherland tells the story of the continent where modern civilization was born, but this time the history of Africa is told with the African people at the center of the story rather than through their interactions with the rest of the world.

Nubia: The Forgotten Kingdom

  • Director: Amy Bucher
  • Release Date: 2003
  • Production Country: United States

Beneath the sands of Nubia, in modern-day Sudan, lie the ruins of a kingdom that rivaled Egypt and defeated Rome.


  • Director: John Rawlins
  • Release Date: 1945
  • Production Country: United States

Going undercover as a commoner to seek out her father's murderer may not have been Princess Naila's brightest idea. She is captured and enslaved and, only after a great many adventures does she finally meet the man she was after in the first place: the rebel who both orchestrated her father's murder, and saved her from a life of slavery and oppression.

The Birth of Israel

  • Director: Toby Sculthorp
  • Release Date: 2008
  • Production Country: United Kingdom

Like so many births, that of the nation of Israel was accomplished amidst labor, struggle, blood, and controversy.

The Egyptian

  • Director: Michael Curtiz
  • Release Date: 1954
  • Production Country: United States

When the poor physician Sinuhe saves the pharaoh Akhnaton, he is appointed court physician, although he squanders his inheritance on a haughty courtesan. Sinuhe also takes an interest in the Pharaoh's new monotheistic religion, but when the priests of the old religion rebel and the mother of Sinuhe's child is killed while seeking sanctuary at the new temple, Sinuhe must choose on which side he will stand... for eternity.

The Lost Gods of Easter Island

  • Director: Kate Broome
  • Release Date: 2000
  • Production Country: United Kingdom

The lineage of an artifact purchased at an English auction illuminates the relatively unknown history of the Easter Island inhabitants.

The Moguls: Women and Warriors

  • Director: Bernard d' Abrigeon
  • Release Date: 2000
  • Production Country: United States

The Islamic Persian Moguls established an empire in India and left a legacy of wealth, art, and architecture.

The Story of India

  • Director: Jeremy Jeffs
  • Release Date: 2007
  • Production Country: United Kingdom

The history of India, the oldest continuously surviving civilization in the world, reveals itself to be much more than Bollywood and call centers.

Ustalar, Alimler ve Sultanlar (Masters, Scholars and Sultans)

  • Director: Murat Saraçoğlu
  • Release Date: 2010
  • Production Country: Turkey

The lives of scholars and artisans who were the architects behind the foundation of the Ottoman Empire are detailed during this detailed examination of the culture that kept the Empire intact for six hundred years.

Warrior Empire: The Mughals of India

  • Director: Sally Aitken
  • Release Date: 2006
  • Production Country: United Kingdom

Descended from Chinggis (Genghis) Khan, the Mughals conquered and ruled in India for 300 years and were known for both their fighting and their technological prowess.

When the Moors Ruled in Europe

  • Director: Timothy Copestake
  • Release Date: 2005
  • Production Country: United Kingdom

Beginning in 711 CE, Northern African Muslims conquered and ruled most of the Iberian peninsula for the next 700 years, creating an intellectual and artistic legacy that not only helped spark the European Renaissance, but also endures to this day.

Wonders of the African World

  • Director: Helena Appio, Nicola Colton, Nick Godwin
  • Release Date: 1999
  • Production Country: United States

Africa's rich history outside of Egypt includes medieval monasteries, great rivers, ancient palaces, and the coast known primarily for its ties to slavery.

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