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Subject: Civil Wars

Largely uncivil, civil wars take place within a nation or established political/social group that once was a cohesive unit and where the combatants were largely social equals.


  • Director: Andrey Kravchuk
  • Release Date: 2008
  • Production Country: Russia

His love life and his country in dismay, Admiral Kolchak rejects the Bolshevik offer of a position in their navy and, instead, becomes a leader in the White Movement, an attempt to restore Tsarist Imperial Russia. His mission is complicated when the woman he spurned years ago returns, begging him to set aside his own wife in her favor.

Alvarez Kelly

  • Director: Edward Dmytryk
  • Release Date: 1966
  • Production Country: United States

Empty stomachs prove too great a force for starving Confederate soldiers who hatch a desperate plan to steal four thousand head of cattle headed for Union from under the noses of the enemy.

Behind Enemy Lines

  • Director: John Moore
  • Release Date: 2001
  • Production Country: United States

Detouring over a demilitarized zone in Bosnia to take photographs of what turns out to be a mass grave, a Navy jet is shot down into hostile territory. Since any rescue attempt by U.S. forces could collapse a fragile peace process, the surviving navigator must traverse miles of dangerous territory to reach a safe extraction point—but the Serbian forces hunting him are willing to do anything to prevent news of their genocide from getting out to the rest of the world.

Blood Diamond

  • Director: Edward Zwick
  • Release Date: 2006
  • Production Country: United States, Germany

Two men, a white South African named Archer and Vandy from Sierra Leone, are united in the search for a pink diamond that Vandy left behind when the diamond mine where he was enslaved was overrun, but aren't in agreement about what to do with it when they find it; while Vandy wants to use the diamond as leverage to free his son who has been brainwashed into joining the Revolutionary United Front, Archer has determined that the pink diamond is his ticket out of Africa, the continent of blood.

Cold Mountain

  • Director: Anthony Minghella
  • Release Date: 2003
  • Production Country: United States, United Kingdom, Romania, Italy

Near the end of the Civil War, a wounded Confederate soldier deserts his post, his thoughts consumed with returning home to his sweetheart, a city girl who was left destitute when her father died and who is struggling to survive in the face of poverty, hard work, and the unwelcome attentions of a local thug and his son.

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