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Subject: Industrialization

The shift from an agriculturally-based economy and lifestyle to one of manufacturing and mechanization yields complex transitions and impacts, both positive and negative.

À nous la liberté (Freedom for Us)

  • Director: René Clair
  • Release Date: 1931
  • Production Country: France

Freedom isn't always easy to find, as the convict Louis finds out when he escapes prison, only to become saddled with the worries of a factory owner. Contemplating how to free himself from these new cares, he runs into his prison friend Emile who has also escaped and now labors in his factory; both men realize that they have not truly "escaped," but merely transferred from one prison to another.

Baksy (Native Dancer)

  • Director: Gulshat Omarova
  • Release Date: 2008
  • Production Country: Russia, Kazakhstan, France, Germany

When a gas station is built on the land where she performs her rituals, Aidai, an elderly shaman and healer, fights back against the criminals who stole her land, using her only weapons: ritual and spiritual powers.

Bez strakha (Without Fear or Fearless)

  • Director: Ali Khamrayev
  • Release Date: 1971
  • Production Country: Soviet Union

In 1929, an Uzbek Bolshevik officer attempts to modernize his village, beginning with having the women take off their chadors, but nothing is ever as simple or easy as it seems; the villagers resist, not understanding why they need to change their traditional ways.


  • Director: Shaun Monson
  • Release Date: 2005
  • Production Country: United States

Hidden cameras document how the world's industry still relies heavily on the use of animals and animal products, from fur to medical research.

Food, Inc.

  • Director: Robert Kenner
  • Release Date: 2008
  • Production Country: United States

Far from the small family farms most residents of the United States think of when they think of "farming," agriculture has become a billion-dollar-a-year business, with most farming done by corporations who contribute to an ever shrinking gene-pool of plants and animals that we rely upon to feed the world.

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