• Director: Bill Anderson
  • Release Year: 2003
  • Production Country: United Kingdom, Romania
  • Language: English

Boudica (Warrior Queen)


After her husband, the king, dies, Queen Boudica of the matrilineal Iceni refuses to hand her kingdom over to the Romans who are insisting that, since she has no sons, there are no heirs to the throne—and they're calling in all their loans. Horse-whipped for her insolence and her daughters raped, Queen Boudica embarks upon a bloodthirsty rampage of revenge that almost-but-not-quite changes the face of human history.


Roman Empire (27 BCE – 476 CE), Boudica (d. 60), Iceni, Indigenous peoples, Patriarchy, Women's history, Personal violence, Cross-cultural conflicts, Death rituals, Monarchies, Gender roles, Iconic heroes, Legends and mythologies, Archetypes, Nationalism