Against the Wind


A young Irish girl is unjustly sentenced to prison and deported to Australia. She must survive not only the horrific voyage there, but also her years of service before she can be free. While there, the lower classes and other convicts protest and occasionally outright rebel against the power and privilege the moneyed classes hold over them.


Colony of New South Wales (1788 – 1901), Irish Rebellion of 1798 (24 May – 23 September 1798), Castle Hill Rebellion (4 March 1804), Rum Rebellion (26 January 1808 – 1 January 1810), Forced conversions, Emancipation, Indentured servitude, Conscription, Imperialism, Patriarchy, Victorian society, Class conflicts, Social classes, Working poor, Colonialism, Patriarchy, Economic history, Crime, Law and legalities, British Empire (1497 — 1997)