• Director: Fernando Cerchio
  • Release Year: 1960
  • Production Country: Italy, France
  • Language: Italian

Il sepolcro dei re (Cleopatra's Daughter)


Married to the young Pharaoh, Shila's life is in danger from not only the capricious whims of her mentally unstable husband, but also the machinations of his chief adviser and his mistress, who poison the pharaoh and frame Shila for his murder and doom her to being buried alive with her husband. But her lover, the court physician, has come up with a clever plan to free her—if he can get to her before the tomb is sealed.


Ancient Egypt, Pharaoh Khufu "Cheops" (d. 2566 BCE), Architecture, Pyramids, Political intrigue, Monarchies, Sword and sandals epics, Death rituals, Class conflict, Slavery and abolition, Fables and folktales, Assassinations, Crime