FilmStory Exploring the complex relationship between history and film 2015-05-21T15:42:17Z Rok spokojnego slonca (A Year of the Quiet Sun) 2015-05-21T15:42:17Z <img src="/images/posters/1378/small/A_Year_of_the_Quiet_Sun.jpg?1429220365"><br><p>A Polish woman and her mother return home and attempt to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of World War II, while a soldier from the United States feels compelled to remain in Poland and help investigate a possible war crime involving his fellow soldiers. A chance meeting between the two could lead to romance, but both must come to terms with the past and the present before they can look toward a less-than-certain future together.</p> FilmStory When the Mountains Tremble 2015-05-19T14:25:08Z <img src="/images/posters/1377/small/When_the_Mountains_Tremble.jpeg?1429220222"><br><p>Framed through the narrative and experiences of Rigoberta Menchú, a young Maya woman of the K'iche' people, this film documents the decades of oppression and atrocities a government composed mostly of Spanish-descent Guatemalans committed against Guatemalan indigenous peoples—and the struggle of those indigenous peoples to free themselves from generations of military and economic oppression. </p> FilmStory The Real Glory 2015-05-18T23:48:26Z <img src="/images/posters/1376/small/The_Real_Glory.jpg?1429220087"><br><p>In an effort to force hapless Christian natives to defend themselves from marauding Muslim pirates, United States military troops are withdrawn from the island of Mindanao, leaving only a group of officers to instruct the local militia in tactics and strategy. These men must accomplish their mission while fending off the depredations of the local pirates and dealing with a cholera epidemic.</p> FilmStory Son of God 2015-05-14T01:02:54Z <img src="/images/posters/1372/small/Son_of_God.jpg?1390451816"><br><p>A Jewish holy man recruits disciples and preaches compassion and charity until he runs afoul of both the Roman civil government and local religious leaders. Sold out by one of his own disciples, Jesus of Nazareth pays the ultimate price for his anti-establishment views—but his remaining disciples and followers insist that his death is not the end of the story.</p> FilmStory Nowhere Boy 2015-05-13T00:25:00Z <img src="/images/posters/1371/small/Nowhere_Boy.jpg?1390449229"><br><p>Angered when he learns that his parents are actually his aunt and uncle, a young John Lennon seeks out his birth mother—yet discovers both rock 'n' roll and a musical legacy that sets him on a path to fame and fortune. But navigating the frothing packs of mostly female fans who flock after his band, The Beatles, may turn out to be easier than dealing with his anger at the mother who abandoned him and the aunt who raised him as her own son.</p> FilmStory Subarnarekha (The Golden Thread) 2015-05-11T23:09:37Z <img src="/images/posters/1370/small/Subarnarekha.jpg?1390452118"><br><p>Flouting traditional caste separation in the wake of the violence from Partition, Ishwar, a young Brahmin, and his young sister take in a fellow refugee, a lower-caste boy, and raise him as as a family member. However, when youthful affections between Ishwar's sister and the young boy mature into love, Ishwar finds he cannot completely let go of the old ways. The resulting conflict between centuries of tradition and the human heart may destroy everything and everyone Ishwar holds dear. </p> FilmStory Lee Daniels' The Butler 2015-05-09T01:37:14Z <img src="/images/posters/1369/small/The_Butler.jpg?1390452134"><br><p>Serving as a White House butler to eight U.S. presidents, a man watches as the ruling white elite navigate between maintaining the status quo of white supremacy and accommodating the shifting values of modern American society, in particular the rising African-American Civil Rights Movement. A stark counterpoint to the powerful events the butler witnesses on the job is the day-to-day reality of raising his own family in a segregated society, where the true conflict often boils down to those who accept the status quo and those who seek to overturn it.</p> FilmStory L'Armée du crime (The Army of Crime) 2015-05-08T00:38:03Z <img src="/images/posters/1368/small/L_arm_e_du_crime.jpg?1381167010"><br><p>While life goes on normally for many French citizens in Vichy France, an Armenian poet sets aside his poetry and his pacifism to lead a rabble of his fellow Communist immigrants in amateur but violent acts of resistance against the occupying Germans and their French collaborators. The group gains confidence—and notoriety—after numerous successful encounters, but the cost of that success may be their humanity.</p> FilmStory London River 2015-05-06T19:54:17Z <img src="/images/posters/1367/small/London_River.jpg?1381032985"><br><p>In the wake of suicide bombings in London on July 7, 2005, a white British mother searches for her daughter while a black African father searches for his son. Brought together by chance, separated by culture, by religion, and by ignorance, each parent must grapple with the emerging truth of the life their children built together.</p> FilmStory Hvidsten gruppen (This Life) 2015-05-05T23:02:41Z <img src="/images/posters/1366/small/Hvidsten_gruppen.jpg?1380234990"><br><p>When the local innkeeper and his wife are approached by the Danish Resistance Movement seeking to take advantage of their access to the Danish coastline, the entire family—and their friends—must decide whether resistance to the German occupation is merely a topic for dinner-table discussions or a movement in which they must take part, regardless of the risk to everyone and everything they hold dear.</p> FilmStory